Bread_PhotoWhat makes our breads so special? It’s our simple philosophy – use great ingredients, bake fresh daily and instill passion in everything. That’s it!



Craft Breads

These breads are available in our cafes as well as our partner grocery stores.

Ciabatta (che-batta): A wonderful bread with big holes and a deep, earthy flavor. Cut horizontally, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and grill briefly to caramelize the crust.
Baguette: Simply water, salt and yeast baked fresh daily in our stone oven.

Bavarian Pretzel
Bavarian Pretzel: A quick best-seller, this bread has been pleasing pretzel fans everywhere. Eat them as a snack, as a side with dinner, dipped in chili — there’s no wrong way to enjoy!
Rustic Olive
Rustic Olive: Our Italian country bread with Kalamata olives. 90% white flour – 10% whole wheat flour. Great grilled with olive oil.
Breadsticks: Like those created in Italy in the mid-17th century, every one of our breadsticks is hand-cut and hand-stretched.
Miller’s 5 Grain: Inspired by the “health breads” of Germany. Hearty, crunchy multigrain bread. Slightly sour with organic whole wheat and rye flours studded with organic grains and sunflower seeds.
Farm Bread: A classic French sourdough that is less acidic than San Francisco style. Terrific table bread and a nice pairing with soup.
St. Louis Italian: A nod to our baker brothers “on the hill,” this loaf is made with a blend of semolina flour and extra virgin olive oil that produces a nice, soft crumb.
Brioche (breeoosch): A rich buttery, egg bread that is the foundation of perfect bread pudding, French toast or a sublime grilled cheese sandwich.
Pain Beaucaire (bo-care): Simply great white bread. Nice on the table or toasted. If you want an amazing version of “basic” bread – this is it!
Pumpkin Cranberry: Organic whole wheat bread with toasted pumpkin seeds and cranberries
Rye: A German seedless Rye bread made with organic whole rye flour – excellent toasted or served with flavorful cheeses.
Beaucaire Rolls: Our dusty, crusty French roll –full of character from its long fermentation and stone hearth baking.
Multigrain Rolls: An earthy, crunchy roll that’s studded with organic grains and sunflower seeds. The honey and molasses bring a touch of sweetness to this hearty dinner roll.
Crostini: These “little toasts” are a great companion to your favorite dips and tapenades. Or just drop them in your soup or salad.
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