By focusing on the 4C’s – our Companions, our Customers, our Community and our Company – we have built a small family-owned business with a strong reputation for doing things right.

Because we’ve created an environment that fosters teamwork and growth, we are able to boast a workforce that includes numerous long-time companions as well as new folks eager to learn the art of bread baking.

Here are just some of our team:

Josh Allen

Josh is the founder and owner of Companion Baking. When he pulled the first baguettes from our ovens in 1993, his vision was clear and concise: create wholesome and delicious European breads and pastries with simple ingredients.

Jodi Allen Gordon

Jodi is director of retail operations and owner of Companion Baking. She joined her brother Josh full time in 2001 with the opening of their first café in Clayton, MO. She currently sets the tone and direction for our award-winning gathering place in Ladue, MO.

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